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Travelling with motorhome or selfbuilt campervan has a romantic feel in it!

Zero limitations, go where your heart tells you to go. Discover and feel Yourself free! In Estonia, You can take campervan or motorhome directly to nature and find amazing hiking trails, over 300 lakes and 1700km of seaside. Or just simply park your van and go discover medieval old town of Tallinn, capital of Estonia!


Best time to discover Estonia is during summer months from May to September.

Then there are long bright nights and as Estonians only have around 30 inhabitants per square kilometre, it is easy to find privacy in Estonian nature.

Enjoy Estonia! Viva la vanlife!

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Travelling with animals

When entering Estonia with a pet, please note that a valid EU pet passport must be carried with you and that the pet has electronic identification. In general, the usual EU entry regulations for pets apply here.

  • Valid EU pet passport
  • Electronic identification of the four-legged friend
  • In general, the usual EU entry regulations apply
Travelling with animals

Trafic rules in Estonia

  • Right hand traffic
  • Speed limits are 90-120 km/h, depending on the road and 50 km/h inside of the cities
  • Everybody has to wear seatbelts
  • Headlights need to be ON all the time. Even when its bright outside
  • Zero tolerance policy - be sober all the times
Trafic rules in Estonia