How it works

List & Request

Submit your rental company and receive inquiries or send a rental inquiry to all local rental companies.

Request & Accept

Receive rental inquiries from potential customers or send out offers.

Pick an offer

Select the best matching offer for your motorhome rental roadtrip adventure.

Handover & Roadtrip

Meet each other and receive the motorhome. Enjoy an awesome roadtrip in your hired motorhome.

Request a motorhome in your area or destination

Lender / Host: Submit your motorhome rental contact details like Email, location and name and we will activate your account after a quick review within 24 hours.

Renter / Customer: Create a motorhome rental inquiry with your Email, destination, daterange, amount of people and of course your prefered camper class. We will send your request immediately to all matching rental companies in your requested destination. No man in the middle communication - just you and the company!

Register now / Request

Request a motorhome in your area or destination

Direct contact between lender and renter

We believe communication is the key!

Therefore we will submit all inquiries directly into your private Email account and the motorhome rental company can contact the potential rental customer per mail - no censorship or manipulations!

Host: You've got an available rental camper for the requested timeframe?
Be quick and respond to the customer with a nice offer. The offer can be a PDF file, link to your website or booking system or even to your Paulcamper, Yescapa, Goboony or whatever account.
Keep it short and simple.

Direct contact between lender and renter

No provision

We will develop a totally new way of rental platform for the camper rental companies and motorhome renters!
Because of that - the service will remain free up to the season 2021!

Our target is to create a lender and renter oriented motorhome platform to bring it to the market.
Together we can build something awesome and we would love to hear your feedback, new ideas or optimization requests!

No provision